Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to a few frequently asked questions about 678 Main.

Where should I park?2019-09-04T06:45:26-05:00

There is plenty of parking off of Pearl Street.

Can you arrange musicians or singers to help me out with some parts of my project?2019-07-25T13:50:16-05:00

Yes, we will try our best to find someone who matches the style and vision of your project.

Can you mix/master my previously recorded project?2019-07-25T13:49:47-05:00

Yes, you can send us a recording and we can edit it for you. We support projects created in Logic, Protools, or Cubase. We can also edit and mix your raw audio files.

How will I receive my finalized project?2019-07-25T13:49:08-05:00

We can deliver your project to you via online download, e-mail, CD, or USB flash drive. We’ll provide your audio in .mp3, .wav, .pcm, or .aiff format.

How long does the editing process take after everything is recorded?2019-09-03T10:17:24-05:00

Times vary, but on average a 3-4 minute song takes around 5-8 hours to fully edit & mix. This does not include mastering.

How long does a typical recording session take?2023-07-20T12:31:18-05:00

The length of a session can vary greatly. Depending on your project, it can take anywhere from half an hour to a few weeks. We can help you get a better idea of how long the recording process will take during our initial meeting.

Can I bring or order food/drink?2019-07-25T13:44:37-05:00

Yes, food/drink accommodations can also be set up before the session so it’s waiting for you when you get here.

Can I bring my own equipment?2019-07-25T13:43:28-05:00

Absolutely! Just let us know what you’re bringing so we can make the necessary preparations.

What type of equipment do you have? Microphones?2023-07-20T12:29:30-05:00

678 Main is dedicated to delivering the highest quality sound. This means we use high-quality equipment. Visit our equipment page to find out specific information about our gear.

What do I need to bring with me?2019-07-25T13:42:28-05:00

It really depends upon the project. However, please bring your personal instruments, lyrics, scripts and/or any production assistance that you require. We’ll discuss specifics once we have your project scope outlined.

What are my payment options?2019-07-25T13:41:30-05:00

We accept cash, check, PayPal, and most credit cards.

What are the studio rates?2019-07-25T13:41:07-05:00

Since no two projects are exactly the same, we encourage you to get a quote online or call us for a consultation. Our consultations are always complimentary. Our pricing is dependent on the time involved and overall scope of the project. Our rates are competitive in that we offer special package pricing and also cafeteria style pricing.

Do you have weekend and/or evening hours available?2019-07-25T13:39:56-05:00

Absolutely! Although we are in the office Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, we can coordinate an evening or weekend session by appointment.

How do I listen to sample work?2019-09-03T10:27:31-05:00

You can hear samples of many different types of sound recordings in our portfolio. Follow our blog to hear new samples of our latest work.

Can I tour the studio?2019-07-25T13:12:03-05:00

Yes! Please come and visit! Give us a call at (716) 855-2250 to arrange the best time to come by.

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