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Music has always held an important place in my life. When I was six, I started playing piano. I fell in-love instantly. A few years later, I started using a keyboard synthesizer. This opened up a whole new world of sounds and ideas.

My earliest memory of recording music involves recording my keyboard onto cassette tapes. From there, my interest in making and recording music grew rapidly. I moved on to recording with a computer and making songs using multiple instruments and layers. I became particularly interested in jazz, soul, and hip-hop, and started to create music inspired by those genres.

By the time I was in high school, I was starting to learn about the importance of having a well-defined process for recording and mixing. I wanted to further my knowledge so I enrolled in courses that were held at a local studio where I received hands-on training in a professional studio with sound engineers. I still remember the feeling that I got the first time I sat behind a huge recording console — it was incredible. I knew then that it was something I wanted to pursue as a career.

Shortly after this experience, I interned at another local studio that recorded mainly hip-hop/rap artists. This not only contributed to my love for the genre, but allowed me to get some real-life experience and make some valuable connections. During this time, I began producing music for other artists and got to work on the entire recording process — from concept to distribution.

I continued to take various music production and history courses throughout college. Upon graduation, I decided to create 678 Main. I’m extremely thankful for everything that has led me to this point as well as the incredible team I get to work. I am excited about working with new artists, helping established artists evolve, and helping your ideas come to fruition. I hope to see you here in the studio sometime!

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