Young woman songs in audio recording studioTo earn acceptance into your dream college or university, you need to submit an application that proves you are among the very top tier of admission candidates. That means that you must execute every single component of your application flawlessly, from the quality of your admission essay, to the high merits documented on your academic transcript. If you are a music major hopeful, your creative portfolio has to be outstanding. Since you have the talent, you need to demonstrate it using the proper production tools.

While you can record your vocals or instrumental talents using your home computer or smartphone, if you want to create a portfolio application worthy of your capabilities, you should record your portfolio using professional tools. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend your first year’s tuition renting time at a large studio. Instead, finding a small recording studio in your area will give you access to the pro equipment you need conveniently and affordably. Here are four reasons why recording at a small studio will help you create a winning college application portfolio.

Four Reasons to Use a Small Recording Studio for Your College Application Portfolio

#1 – You Get Access to the High Quality Recording Equipment

A small recording studio will offer higher quality equipment—and more varieties of it—than anything you could purchase to use in your home. By working with a studio, you will be able to access such tools as:

  • Various microphones and pre-amps
  • Studio monitor headphones
  • Pro mixing and editing software (more on that later)
  • Various pieces of outboard equipment
  • A large library of mixing/mastering/fx plugins
  • Monitor speakers
  • Mixing console

#2 – Your Final Recording Will Reflect a Professional Sound

You want to prove to your future college that you have the talent and capabilities to go pro, which means your application needs to showcase that you take your craft seriously. By recording at a studio, you benefit from sophisticated recording technology, a space designed to produce ideal acoustics, pro-quality microphones, and high-end mixing, mastering, and editing tools. The final result is clean, undistorted, and distraction-free sound.

#3 – Post Recording, You Can Use Professional Mixing and Mastering Technology

Home computer mixing software works well for small personal projects, but if you want to sound like a pro, you need to use the proper equipment. A recording studio will provide you with access to professional mixing and mastering equipment and software. Some studios may also make available to you a professional sound engineer who can help you take your recording to the next level.

#4 – You Can Produce Your Best Work from a Controlled Environment

Even if you set up a quiet recording space in your bedroom or basement, can you guarantee that the washing machine won’t kick on? Or that your little brother won’t walk in to ask you a question? Pro studios offer a controlled environment. Not only are they distraction-free, but they give you the solitude and inspirational atmosphere to produce your highest quality work. In a space where you don’t have to worry about friends or family listening in, you may just record your very best music of all time, which is precisely what you want for your portfolio.

You have one shot to make your best first impression on your college application reviewers. After years of hard work honing your craft and exploring the growth of your talent, you owe it to yourself to document your very best work. Do it right, do it like the pros, and capture your portfolio work from a pro studio.

Do you live in or near Western New York?

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